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Man accused of drunk driving after injury-causing Tennessee crash

Car crashes happen every day. In some cases, the incidents are just accidents, but still, individuals could face serious consequences depending on the outcomes of the collisions and the circumstances of the wrecks. For instance, if drunk driving was allegedly involved in a crash, that driver could face criminal charges.

One man in Tennessee is currently facing such a predicament. Reports stated that the accident occurred when two vehicles were stopped in the roadway as the individuals were trying to use one car to jump-start the other. Reportedly, the man’s vehicle collided with the stopped cars. One person became trapped between the two stopped cars. She suffered serious injuries and did survive the incident.

The man was reportedly outside his vehicle and standing on the sidewalk when authorities arrived. Officers allegedly noticed that he had slurred speech, smelled of alcohol and seemed unsteady. He apparently did not participate in field sobriety tests, and a warrant reportedly had to be obtained before he gave a blood sample. As a result, he is facing charges of DUI, vehicular assault and violating implied consent law.

The drunk driving and other allegations that have been brought against this man may have him wondering about his best options for handling his case. This type of uncertainty may affect many people in this type of situation, and knowing that there are defense options available may help many parties feel more at ease. Because the man involved in this Tennessee incident will face certain factors that others in similar predicaments will not, he will undoubtedly want to ensure that any legal information he obtains is applicable and reliable.

Source:, “DUI and Vehicular Assault Charges Filed – Suspect released from jail on bond as victim heals“, Feb. 7, 2018

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Knoxville Criminal Defense Lawyer | DUI Law Firm | TN

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