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Man arrested for drunk driving while child in vehicle

A man in Tennessee is facing a charge of DUI after police said he drank and then drove with a child in the car with him. The mother of the child is also facing charges in connection with the alleged drunk driving incident due to being intoxicated while in the car as well. The child whose parents have been arrested is 4 years old.

Police said they received word about a man who may have been drunk while operating a pickup truck. They were told that the truck had a pontoon boat attached to it. In addition, police were informed that a woman and child were also in the pickup truck.

A police officer found and followed the motor vehicle. After noticing that it did not stay in its lane and once actually left the roadway on the right shoulder, the officer pulled the driver over. The man who was driving the car reportedly failed a field sobriety test and was arrested for DUI as well as neglect and child abuse. The allegedly intoxicated female passenger was also charged with neglect and child abuse, while the 4-year-old was given to a family friend.

Being convicted of drunk driving in Tennessee can have many negative impacts. These include heavy fines, jail time and higher insurance premiums along with the loss of driving privileges. However, those accused of DUI usually have the option of going to trial to fight the charges or seeking to negotiate plea deals with prosecutors, which may lead to lesser charges and thus more lenient sentences. An attorney can thoroughly review a defendant’s case and pursue the avenue that will best protect his or her best interests.

Source:, “Couple facing child abuse charges after accused of driving drunk with 4-year-old in truck“, July 3, 2017

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