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Man charged for multiple white collar crimes in Tennessee

Most people understand that anyone could wind up charged in relation to a crime. However, that idea can become a bit too real when an individual finds him or herself accused of fraud or other white collar crimes. Certainly, the notion of being involved in illegal activity may seem far-fetched, but if formal allegations are filed, the person has the obligation of handling the legal proceedings ahead.

One man in Tennessee is undoubtedly concerned about his current state of affairs after recently being charged. According to reports, authorities received a tip from a bank that a man was carrying out suspicious transactions. As a result, officers went undercover at the bank where the man allegedly provided a fake driver’s license and used a fake name to sign a withdrawal slip. The situation resulted in authorities searching the man’s vehicle where they purportedly found multiple credit and debit cards, a fake Social Security card, another person’s driver’s license, and about $10,000 in cash.

The man had allegedly been transferring stolen money into the bank account. It was noted that federal authorities were interested in the man because they suspected that he had stolen money meant for student aid. As a result, the man is currently facing federal charges for aggravated identity theft, wire fraud and student loan fraud. He also faces attempted felony theft, criminal simulation and criminal impersonation allegations for the fake account he reportedly set up at the bank.

The allegations the man faces for these white collar crimes are certainly intimidating. Due to the number of charges he faces and the fact that some of them are federal charges, he will undoubtedly want to do his research on how each charge could affect his case. He may wish to take the time to gain information from local Tennessee legal resources regarding his predicament.

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