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Man facing drug charges after search of Tennessee home

When police arrive on a person’s doorstep, it can cause an immediate sense of panic. Of course, if officers have a search warrant, they can legally search the premises for items like illegal substances or paraphernalia. In such cases, individuals could end up facing drug charges if authorities discover any items pertaining to drug-related activities.

It was recently reported that a Tennessee man was taken into custody after a search was conducted at a home. Apparently, officers had obtained a search warrant on suspicion of drug activity in the home, but it was not detailed what may have raised such suspicions. The 25-year-old man was home at the time the search was conducted, but police are also looking for a woman who they believe participated in the alleged drug violations.

During the search, police officers purportedly found a substance they believed to be marijuana, several cell phones, more than $7,000 in cash and drug paraphernalia. It was also reported that a handgun and ammunition were found in the home. As a result, the man is currently facing charges for possession of an illegal substance for resale and possession of drug paraphernalia. An arrest warrant was issued for the woman on the same charges along with possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony.

Drug charges are no simple issue to address. The man taken into custody in this Tennessee case will certainly want to ensure that the search warrant executed on his home was valid and that he understands the allegations brought against him. If he feels that he would like to obtain reliable information regarding his case and defense options, he may wish to utilize local legal resources.

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