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Man facing felony DUI charges following hit-and-run crash

Driving while impaired in Tennessee is a serious issue and may result in several negative consequences. When an accident results, the situation becomes even more complicated. A Franklin man faces felony DUI charges among others after a recent incident, according to police officials.

By police accounts, a hit-and-run accident occurred on Feb. 23 in Franklin. Apparently, a Nissan sedan hit a parked car. Witnesses report that the car was then seen at an apartment complex parking lot. When police arrived at the parking lot, they found the vehicle that had sustained heavy damage.

The police located the drive of the Nissan, a 32-year-old man, at the apartment complex. The man reportedly said that he had crashed into the parked car earlier. According to the police, the man then appeared to lunge and reach for a gun. Reports stated that the man was then knocked to the ground by police officers.

After an alleged struggle, police disarmed the man and reported that the gun was loaded. Apparently, officials found drugs, drug paraphernalia and alcohol in the man’s car and claimed that he was impaired at the time of the accident. The man faces charges of possession, DUI, aggravated assault, no insurance and leaving the scene of a crash.

Tennessee drivers facing felony DUI and related charges could face a difficult time in court. An experienced criminal defense attorney familiar with DUI laws can help protect an accused person’s rights. A strong legal defense team can evaluate all the factors in a case and build the best strategy to achieve a favorable outcome.

Source:, “Hit-&-Run DUI Crash Leads To Struggle With Gun, Arrest“, Feb. 23, 2017

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