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Man facing serious drug charges after 6 pounds of heroin seized

Some people may not think that facing criminal charges will affect their life in a significant way. However, a conviction for drug charges can have long-lasting effects that a person may not have anticipated or that are more serious than he or she thought. Any time an individual has been accused of a crime, it is wise to consider doing everything possible to work toward a favorable outcome.

One man in Tennessee may soon be hoping to find the best defense options for his case after recently being arrested. Reports indicated that multiple law enforcement agencies participated in an investigation into the 38-year-old man’s activities and in a drug bust that took place at his home. The man was apparently living in a rented home, and during a search, officers allegedly found over 6 pounds of heroin.

The report noted that the amount of heroin likely had a street value of over $500,000. Additionally, they purportedly found 126 grams of fentanyl, which they suspect was being cut into the heroin. Officers seized the substances as well as vehicles, weapons, cash and other items. The man was taken into custody on a variety of drug charges, and his bond was set at $2 million.

This Tennessee man may be letting the severity of his situation sink it. He may wonder whether he has a chance of reaching an outcome that works in his favor. Fortunately, he does have legal rights, and creating a defense presentation against the drug charges may help him work toward the best results possible. Gaining information on his available options may help him during this time.

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Knoxville Criminal Defense Lawyer | DUI Law Firm | TN

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