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Man hospitalized, facing criminal charges after run-in with cops

There is not always an obvious way to deal with every type of ordeal individuals face in life. In many cases, people need to assess the minute details of an event and the various repercussions that could result before they take action. If a person is facing criminal charges, it is wise to explore possible defense options before making a decision about moving forward.

One person in Tennessee is likely hoping to reach favorable outcomes for his current predicament. Apparently, a man was driving a vehicle when authorities received reports that he was waving a gun around inside his car. Police officers approached the man’s vehicle, but he drove away. In the process, he struck a patrol car, other vehicles and a police officer.

The officer who was hit fired his weapon and struck the driver at least once. The driver pulled over at a gas station, and other officers took him into custody. The incident resulted in both the driver and the officer being taken to the hospital. The report indicated that the driver had warrants for his arrest regarding aggravated assault and evading arrest. He was in critical condition at the time of the report.

Though this Tennessee man undoubtedly wants to focus solely on recovering from the injuries he suffered in the incident, he will likely also need to think about the criminal charges and other legal issues he faces. It may be smart for him to gain information relating to his case to determine what steps may be most useful to him. He may also want to remember that he has rights that he may wish to exercise during this time.

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Knoxville Criminal Defense Lawyer | DUI Law Firm | TN

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