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Man, woman facing charges in Tennessee for white collar crimes

When faced with serious federal charges, finding the best way to approach the allegations could make a considerable difference in a person’s case. Depending on the specific circumstances surrounding the accusations of white collar crimes, individuals may have different routes to potentially follow. Nonetheless, obtaining reliable information may be an important aspect when it comes to creating a defense.

Two individuals may be hoping to effectively address their legal predicaments after recently being indicted in Tennessee. Reports stated that the man and woman allegedly worked together as part of a purported plan to obtain money from the U.S. Federal Reserve through fraudulent means. The two reportedly worked to obtain certificates of deposit, and the man was purportedly successful in gaining two CDs. They apparently then liquidated the CDs into a personal bank account.

As a result of the reported scheme, the man is currently facing charges for wire fraud, bank fraud and conspiracy to commit money laundering. The woman is also facing the conspiracy charge. It was unclear whether the two individuals had obtained legal representation. The woman has apparently been released from custody, but she is being supervised by the U.S. Probation Office.

Dealing with accusations of white collar crimes may seem intimidating. Federal charges often come with more severe consequences than many charges at the state level, and the individuals involved in this case will certainly want to work toward finding the best potential routes for addressing their situations. Other parties in Tennessee who could be facing similar charges may wish to consider consulting with knowledgeable attorneys to find out more information on their options.

Source:, “Pair accused in federal court in CD fraud scheme“, Sept. 4, 2017

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