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Man, woman facing drug charges after vehicle search

Police officers have a duty to serve and protect their community. As a result, when they believe that suspicious activity is taking place, they often investigate. In some cases, their suspicions may be incorrect, and individuals are let go without much incident. However, in other cases, officers may believe that they have found evidence of crimes that warrant drug charges.

This type of scenario recently took place in Tennessee according to a report. Apparently, a man and woman were inside a vehicle that was parked in a school parking lot on a Sunday evening. An officer approached the vehicle for unknown reasons and asked the occupants why they were there. The woman stated that she was a teacher and that they needed to get something from her classroom.

Nonetheless, the officer asked the man to step out of the vehicle and purportedly saw a butane torch in the door. The officer then conducted a search of the vehicle and allegedly found a crystal substance inside a backpack along with another butane torch, scales, cut straws and baggies. Another bag reportedly also contained a crystal substance, cut straws and tweezers. Both individuals were taken into custody and are currently facing charges for possession of schedule II narcotics and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Many aspects of the search and arrests could play roles in these individuals’ cases. Drug charges are serious allegations, and each person can find his or her own way of approaching the charges. When placed in this type of situation, it is often wise for individuals accused of crimes to consult with Tennessee legal professionals about their options.

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Knoxville Criminal Defense Lawyer | DUI Law Firm | TN

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