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Man’s criminal defense options may affect his legal case

When a person becomes frightened, it is natural for fight or flight instincts to take over. In some cases, these instincts can kick in when an individual is confronted by police officers. Of course, fighting or fleeing from an officer typically makes for more harm than good, and a criminal defense may be needed after such actions.

It was recently reported that one man in Tennessee was taken into custody after allegedly fleeing from police. Apparently, a police officer had attempted to stop that man’s vehicle because he was not wearing a seat belt. However, the man reportedly did not stop and instead drove down a different road. Another officer was conducting a different traffic stop on that road, and that officer tried to stop the man after he had let two women out of his vehicle.

Rather than stopping, the man purportedly accelerated, which resulted in the second officer firing shots at the vehicle from his weapon. Still, officers were unable to apprehend the man. Five days after these events, officers apparently located the man and took him into custody. There were no details given regarding the man’s arrest, but he is currently facing charges for felony evading arrest, seat belt violation and driving on a suspended license.

Before this Tennessee man begins to panic and think only about worst-case scenarios in regard to the outcomes of his case, he may want to remember that he has the ability to create and present a criminal defense against the allegations. It may seem difficult to take such steps, but with the right information and assistance, he may find himself feeling more at ease when it comes to addressing his predicament. Determining his available legal options may help him as his case proceeds.

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Knoxville Criminal Defense Lawyer | DUI Law Firm | TN

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