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Mother of toddler faces drunk driving charge in Tennessee

Being accused of operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol can lead to long-lasting, negative effects in the personal and professional lives of those involved. A recent Tennessee case involves a woman who was traveling with her young child in her car. After being stopped by police, she now faces a drunk driving charge in court.

The woman, who appeared in court on a recent Monday, was reportedly stopped for a supposed traffic violation the day before. Officers have stated that the woman was pulled over because her vehicle did not have working tail lights. During the initial traffic stop, officers arrested the woman for driving under the influence.

In addition to the alcohol-related charges against her, the woman was also charged for not properly restraining her 2-year-old child in the back seat of the car. The officers who made the traffic stop said that the toddler was found to have been riding in a car seat that was not buckled. According to court documents, the child’s mother told police that she had imbibed in a glass of champagne before getting behind the wheel of the car.

Because the consequences under conviction for a drunk driving charge can be very serious in the state of Tennessee, it would most likely be prudent for a person who has been arrested on such charges to discuss the details of his or her case with a criminal defense lawyer. An experienced attorney would be able to help a person determine what options might be available to him or her in preparing a defense strategy. Acting under the guidance of a legal advocate typically allows a person facing charges to work toward the most positive outcome possible in a case.

Source:, “Woman accused of drunken driving with child in car“, Aug. 24, 2015

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