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Motorcyclist dead, Tennessee man charged with vehicular homicide

Being accused of driving while under the influence is a very serious matter, one that normally leads to a courtroom trial. A recent car accident in Tennessee left a motorcyclist dead. The other driver is now facing charges that include vehicular homicide by intoxication and driving without a license, so a courtroom trial will be scheduled to decide the criminal charges.

The accused individual was driving a car eastbound on Interstate 40 around midnight when he allegedly struck the back of a motorcycle with the front of his car. The two vehicles reportedly became attached, hit the left guard rail, crossed over and crashed into the right guard rail. The motorcyclist was thrown from the motorcycle after the second impact.

The motorcyclist was taken to a hospital for treatment where he was declared dead. The accused reportedly fled on foot, but he was apprehended shortly thereafter and authorities administered field sobriety tests. According to authorities, he performed poorly, so blood was also drawn for analysis. Weather and road conditions were not mentioned as contributing factors, but authorities did close the interstate for several hours while they conducted an investigation.

This case will reach its conclusion in a criminal courtroom in Tennessee at some point in the months to come. Prosecutors must prove the vehicular homicide charges by competent and relevant evidence that establishes guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. The law presumes that the accused is innocent of all pending charges. His rights are protected by the judicial system, and he is entitled to both a legal defense and a fair trial. Alternatively, he also has the right to seek a plea deal if he decides that would be a more favorable path to take.

Source:, Man Charged In Fatal Crash That Killed Motorcyclist, No author, Nov. 11, 2013

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