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Multiple Tennessee drivers charged with drunk driving

Several drivers were pulled over by Tennessee law enforcement and charged with drunk driving over the course of one weekend. The specific drunk driving charges vary from case to case, but include second-offense DUIs and drug charges. While the consequences for these different charges can vary, any individual who has been arrested has the right to defend him or herself against the charges he or she faces.

One defendant was questioned by police at a truck stop, where it was found that she had difficulty speaking with the police officers. Upon inspection of her car, various types of drugs were found. Another driver was charged after being pulled over for suspected drunk driving by a Tennessee Highway Patrol officer. She allegedly admitted that she had taken drugs before driving, and officers also found drug paraphernalia in her vehicle.

Another driver was arrested after refusing to submit to a blood test. He was unable to finish other types of sobriety tests and was charged with second-time DUI, driving with a revoked license and violating the implied consent law. It should be noted that a driver may refuse to take a test if asked by law enforcement, but the implied consent law states that drivers will be arrested if they do so.

Drunk driving charges are serious, but those facing these charges have certain rights. These include the right to legal counsel and the right to challenge any evidence brought by the prosecution. The right approach to a DUI defense will depend on the individual details of the case and and the existence of previous DUI convictions.

Source:, “Several Charged With DUI Over Weekend“, Ken Little, Feb. 17, 2015

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