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New TBI sector to investigate white collar crimes in health care

Many people working in the health care industry choose to do so in order to help others. Of course, this type of job is not always smooth sailing, and it is possible for some medical professionals to face accusations of white collar crimes. These accusations could include various types of fraudulent activity and other actions.

It was recently reported that the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation has created a new division to address possible Medicaid fraud. This new sector is called the Medicaid Fraud Control Division, and the agents involved will conduct investigations into doctors who have contracts with TennCare, the state’s Medicaid system, to uncover wrongdoing. One agent indicated that he believed that some medical professionals were simply acting as drug dealers by providing illegal prescriptions.

In order to determine what person or facility may warrant investigating, the division will utilize outliers, data and numbers. For instance, if a specific location is seeing an unsubstantiated number of prescriptions, it may warrant an investigation by the division. Of course, these investigations could potentially lead to serious charges for doctors or other medical professionals at the suspected facilities.

If Tennessee medical professionals are accused of Medicaid fraud or other white collar crimes, it is important that they understand their legal options. Facing any type of criminal charge can be overwhelming, but with the right information and assistance, individuals can work toward the best outcomes possible. Parties in this type of predicament may find it useful to consult with criminal defense attorneys experienced with these types of charges in order to gain reliable information and help.

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