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New Year’s Day police chase ends with drunk driving charge

Tennessee police recently apprehended a woman after a police chase. In the process of fleeing, the woman crashed into another car. Police then proceeded to arrest her on a drunk driving charge.

The altercation started when authorities clocked a car, driven by a woman, driving approximately 20 mph above the speed limit. When authorities tried to pull the woman over, she apparently fled, allegedly because she was driving with a revoked license. In her haste to escape being apprehended, she lost control and crashed into another car.

The woman was ejected from her car in the crash and had to be airlifted to a local hospital for treatment. Thankfully, she was expected to fully recover from her injuries. The occupants of the car that she hit did not suffer serious injuries. It was not clear if any of them needed hospital treatment.

Once the woman woke up in the hospital, the authorities charged her with a DUI. If they had administered a Breathalyzer to determine her blood alcohol content, those details were not available. However, authorities did discover that the woman’s license had been revoked for a prior DUI.

A repeated drunk driving charge can be classified as a felony DUI. This is a very serious charge to fight in court, and one that carries the weight of a jail sentence with it — should the accused be convicted. Understanding how the laws of Tennessee offer options for different defenses, depending on the circumstances, can help the accused decide which option best suits her situation. This should help ensure that she receives the best possible outcome — the one with the most reduced sentence. Before that, though, prosecutors must still prove that the accused is actually guilty of the crimes of which she is accused.

Source:, Police Chase Starts in Murfreesboro and Ends With Driver Wrecking and Being Ejected in Smyrna on New Year’s Day, No author, Jan. 1, 2014

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