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“No refusal” campaign hoped to curb drunk driving

Tennessee law enforcement is launching a new campaign to curb drunk driving and make the roads safer over the holiday weekend. The holiday season is a time of year when drunk driving is more common, and the “no refusal” campaign was launched as a way to promote sober driving. As a result of this campaign, drivers can be forced to submit to a blood test during a traffic stop.

A law in 2012 provided officers with the right force blood draws for drivers who were suspected of driving under the influence. Now, drivers no longer may refuse to submit to a sobriety test with the understanding that their license would be revoked. Over the course of this campaign, any driver who is suspected of driving under the influence could be subjected to blood sampling.

Tennessee police will be making additional patrols, setting up additional checkpoints and monitoring areas where there are popular bars and restaurants. While it is important to keep drivers safe and ensure that state laws are enforced, suspected drunk drivers still have rights. It is important to protect these rights by seeking the help of a drunk driving defense lawyer as soon as possible after an arrest.

If pulled over for suspected drunk driving during the “no refusal” campaign, drivers should ensure that their rightful entitlements are recognized by police. If a person’s rights are violated during an arrest, it could result in reduced charges or having the charges dismissed. An experienced lawyer can evaluate the case against an individual and determine what defense options may be available.

Source:, “Tennessee troopers set up ‘no refusal’ checkpoints with mandatory blood draws through Jan. 4“, Dec. 30, 2015

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