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Pulled over by the police? Don’t say these 3 things

No one wants to get pulled over by the police. Most people know that if they are, there is a good chance that they’ll be ticketed or arrested.

It’s not a good idea to try to talk yourself out of this situation. Instead, now is a good time to know what you should not say to the police. While protecting yourself, you can be compliant with the officer’s requests, so that you appear reasonable and respectful during the traffic stop.

If you are pulled over by the police, don’t make the mistake of saying these three things.

  1. I admit I had a drink

The first thing you should never do is admit to drinking. If you admit to having a drink, you are more likely to be arrested and convicted for drunk driving. It’s a better option to refuse to answer the question or to say that you’re not comfortable answering that.

  1. I consent to field sobriety tests

You should never consent to field sobriety tests if you know that you’ve had something to drink. The law only requires you to give a sample upon request if the police officer is asking for one for the Breathalyzer test. While you could lose your license if you don’t take that test, it’s unlikely that you’ll face repercussions for refusing the other field sobriety tests.

  1. “I disagree with you…” and other arguments

Don’t argue with a police officer, because the reality is that what they say is going to go in this situation. While you might not agree with what the officer has to say, you should refrain from arguing over it. You don’t have anything to prove in that moment. Instead, stay quiet and know that you can ask to speak with an attorney.

Protect your interests by knowing your rights during a traffic stop

These are three things you shouldn’t say if you’re stopped by the police and are at risk of a DUI charge.  By staying quiet and only answering specific questions about who you are or other identifying information, you’ll help protect yourself against an unfair allegation of drunk driving.

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Knoxville Criminal Defense Lawyer | DUI Law Firm | TN

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