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Repeat DUI offender arrested after pedestrian accident

A Tennessee woman was recently arrested for intoxicated driving after an accident led to the death of one pedestrian. The woman is a repeat DUI offender, and she has faced charges for drunk driving at least four times. The woman is charged with vehicular homicide, leaving the scene of an accident and driving under the influence.

The accident happened in the evening, and the woman left the scene of the accident after striking a pedestrian who was walking. The woman was eventually located by Tennessee law enforcement, and emergency workers declared the person dead at the scene of the accident. The woman claimed that she had been at a casino but that she had not been drinking much during the evening. She also refused to submit to a test to measure blood alcohol content.

Considering the woman’s past drunk driving offenses, she could serve a minimum of 15 years in prison. In the state of Tennessee, the fourth DUI offense is a felony, and the person’s license will be suspended for eight years. Despite her past and despite the charges that she currently faces, this woman still has the right to a defense and is innocent until proved guilty.

Defending against drunk driving charges is a complicated process for someone who is a repeat DUI offender. It is critical to work with an experienced defense attorney who will protect the interests of the defendant and honestly evaluate possible defense options. Whether it is a person’s first DUI or they have multiple past convictions, it is important to seek defense counsel as soon as possible after an arrest.

Source:, “Woman with 7 prior DUI convictions arrested after allegedly hitting and killing pedestrian“, Chloe Morroni, June 17, 2016

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