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School administrator facing drunk driving charge

A Tennessee school principal was recently charged with drunk driving for a second time. After he crashed his vehicle, law enforcement reportedly found him to have bloodshot eyes and show other signs that typically indicate drunk driving. According to the police, he admitted to drinking three beers and vodka before driving.

After law enforcement arrived on the scene of the accident, they asked the man to submit to several sobriety tests. Tennessee law enforcement said that he did poorly on the sobriety tests, and he was taken to a hospital for a blood test. The man is also accused of attempting to leave the scene of the accident. He allegedly tried to pay the other driver to allow him to leave in order to avoid getting in trouble.

The school district that employs the man has released a statement saying that it is aware of the incident and is evaluating how to move forward. It is important to note that the man has not been convicted of any charges with respect to this latest incident, and he remains innocent in the eyes of the law. He would be wise to take prompt action to protect his rights by securing defense help.

A drunk driving charge can have a long-term impact on a person’s life, including career opportunities. In order to effectively confront these charges, an accused individual typically benefits by seeking help in preparing a defense appropriate to the circumstances. After a complete case evaluation with an attorney experienced in drunk driving defense cases, a plan seeking a beneficial outcome can be implemented.

Source:, “Principal of the Year finalist charged with second DUI“, Jordan Buie, Nov. 16, 2015

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