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School principal facing drunk driving charge in Tennessee

Stress can often result in individuals looking for ways to relax. Unfortunately, if people face a considerable amount of stress due to work, family life or both, it is not unusual for them to look to alcohol or other substances to help with that stress. Of course, if a person consumes alcohol and gets behind the wheel of a vehicle, charges for drunk driving could result.

The stress levels of one man in Tennessee likely increased after recently being charged for DUI. Reports stated that the man is a school principal, and he was pulled over by a police officer for speeding. The officer indicated that he clocked the man’s vehicle traveling 53 mph in an area with a 40 mph speed limit. By the time the man’s vehicle passed the officer, it was reportedly going 60 mph, but that speed was estimated by the officer.

The man pulled into the parking lot of a fast food restaurant, and the officer pulled in after him and asked him some questions. When asked why he was speeding, the man stated that he was just trying to get to the restaurant. The officer claims that he smelled alcohol and that the man had glassy eyes. Field sobriety tests and breath tests were administered, the latter of which reportedly showed the man’s BAC level at .206 and .204 with two separate tests.

This situation resulted in the man facing a drunk driving charge and a suspension as principal at the school where he works. He undoubtedly hopes to get his predicament back on track as quickly as possible, and it may benefit him to fully understand his case. Gaining information from local Tennessee resources may be wise.

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Knoxville Criminal Defense Lawyer | DUI Law Firm | TN

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