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Securing an expungement in Tennessee

A criminal record can have a very strong impact on a person’s life, even after the individual pays the debt to society. Thankfully, expungement is an option that some may pursue to aid them in moving along with their lives.

In order to successfully receive an expungement, a person must do a few things. Here are certain important aspects of the expungement process.


There are several requirements that someone must meet in order to qualify for an expungement. Some of the main qualifications include the following:

  • Applicants must not have additional convictions for criminal offenses.
  • There must be a five-year span since the completion of all requirements of the conviction.
  • If seeking to expunge several offenses, they must all be related to one criminal episode.

The Criminal Court Clerk’s office provides an expungement packet that includes all of the provisions for expungement, including a full list of all inclusionary and exclusionary crimes that do or do not qualify for expungement.


Once parties meet all of the qualifications for seeking an expungement, they may complete the appropriate expungement forms. It is important to note that they may need to submit supporting documentation to show the fulfillment of all requirements. The applicant submits the expungement paperwork and any applicable fees to the clerk’s office for review. A judge then reviews and either grants or denies the request.


An expungement provides convicted individuals with a clean slate. This may aid in them securing a new job, place of residence and more. It is important to note that though an expungement essentially erases a criminal recording, it does not automatically reverse any consequences of conviction. Therefore, those seeking to regain the privileges they have lost due to the conviction must complete the additional requirements.

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