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Should I Plead Guilty To A Misdemeanor Charge?

Some people plead guilty to misdemeanor charges because they are embarrassed and want to put the incident behind them. However, pleading guilty to any criminal charge can have consequences you never anticipated.

While misdemeanors are less serious than felonies and may result in little or no jail time, pleading guilty will still result in a permanent criminal record. That could you affect you later in life when you apply fo a job, rent an apartment or apply for a professional license. Before you plead guilty to any crime, discuss your case with an experienced criminal defense attorney.

The long-term consequences of a criminal conviction are more serious than the short-term consequences. While fines and possible jail time may seem like a serious consequence now, a criminal conviction will be far more damaging in the long run.

Background checks are a fact of life, and anyone who conducts a background check on you can easily find out if you have a criminal conviction. If you have a criminal record, you could be treated differently as a result. For example, many employers will not hire someone who has a theft conviction. A drug conviction could make it difficult to get a job in a health care field. A conviction for domestic violence could result in the loss of your right to possess a firearm.

The law firm of The Lanzon Firm offer a free initial consultation to discuss the possible consequences of a conviction and possible defenses. The firm defends clients in the Knoxville area who are charged with criminal offenses such as theft, assault, driving under the influence, drug possession and sex crimes. Even if you think you are guilty of the charges, it may be possible to resolve the charges in a way that will not result in a conviction on your record.

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Knoxville Criminal Defense Lawyer | DUI Law Firm | TN

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