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Single-vehicle crash results in drunk driving charge

Some events in life often seem to go from bad to worse. For example, being involved in a car accident is a bad situation, and facing charges for drunk driving after the incident can make it worse. Unfortunately, this type of scenario is not uncommon.

One man in Tennessee recently found himself in this type of predicament. Reports indicated that the man was driving a vehicle southbound when he failed to remain on the road. As a result, the vehicle left the right side of the road and flipped due to the embankment before landing in a ditch. He suffered serious injuries in the accident and was airlifted from the scene to an area hospital. The incident took place around 7 p.m.

The man, who was reported as being 62 years old, is now facing criminal charges for DUI, open container, not wearing a seatbelt and failure to exercise due care. It was not mentioned whether any blood or breath tests were conducted to determine the man’s blood alcohol concentration levels or what factors may have lead authorities to suspect intoxication. There was also no information as to whether the man was still hospitalized at the time of the report.

Though this Tennessee man undoubtedly hopes to recover successfully from the injuries he suffered in the accident, he also has to address the drunk driving charges and other allegations against him. He may easily feel overwhelmed by the situation, but he may want to remember that he could obtain assistance throughout his case. Gaining information on his legal options may allow him to feel more in control.

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Knoxville Criminal Defense Lawyer | DUI Law Firm | TN

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