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Soldier may face punishments after vehicular assault in Tennessee

A soldier stationed at Fort Campbell was recently arrested and charged after a motorcycle accident in Tennessee that left both his passenger and himself with minor injuries. The charges include vehicular assault, and it is unclear what punishments, if any, may result from these charges. The man and his female passenger were taken for medical care after the incident.

According to the report, witnesses purportedly saw the soldier operating his motorcycle in a reckless manner right before the accident. The accident occurred when he supposedly attempted to execute a wheelie maneuver on the bike. At that point, the two riders were dislodged. Both the woman and the man were reported to have physically skidded across the pavement before landing in the grass.

The 26-year-old man suffered road rash injuries to his torso, and his female passenger suffered similar wounds along with a suspected broken digit. When officers from the Tennessee town responded to the scene, they claimed that the operator smelled of alcohol and that he was reportedly unable to successful complete a field sobriety test. He was allegedly unwilling to submit voluntarily to a blood test.

Police officers filed charges of vehicular assault, violation of the implied consent law and driving under the influence. Officers did obtain a blood sample under a warrant, but the results were not known as of this report. The man had bail set, and it is unknown what type of punishments he may be facing, either as a civilian or as a service member. However, he is entitled to a presumption of innocence and to a clear presentation of the facts in the case, as well as his rights going forward. He will be ensured of the opportunity to challenge aspects of the case against him and seek the best resolution possible in the present circumstances.

Source:, “Ft. Campbell soldier arrested for DUI after Clarksville crash“, , July 7, 2014

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