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Son of Tennessee lawmaker arrested for drunk driving, shooting

For those who live their life in the eye of the public, the implied expectation may be that they and their families will conduct themselves with the highest standards in mind at all times. Many times, however, the pressure that comes with such expectations winds up causing normal, but flawed, human beings to engage in behavior that causes embarrassment — or worse — results in actual criminal charges, such as drunk driving. A Tennessee lawmaker is now facing that scenario in relation to the charges that have been filed against his son.

The 22-year-old son of Tennessee Congressman Mike Sparks, was recently arrested and charged for a DUI as well as being suspected of shooting at a commercial vehicle. The alleged incident occurred during the early morning hours at a local convenience store. While the details have not been released, supposedly the senator’s son walked up to a parked delivery vehicle. As the vehicle pulled away, the man is reported to have taken one shot at the trailer portion.

A short time later, officers stopped the man and placed him under arrest for purportedly driving under the influence. According to the report, this was his second charge of DUI, and the officials claimed that they discovered that he was the same person who was believed to have discharged a weapon at the beverage truck. He is now charged with DUI and aggravated assault. He is also accused of vandalism and refusal to comply with alcohol testing.

Mr. Sparks has had a bond set and is expected to have a hearing later this month. It was not clear under what circumstances the man was stopped for allegedly drunk driving or how Tennessee officials concluded that the man was the individual who had fired at the beer truck. He is fully entitled to the presumption of innocence, and he has the right to review evidence that may be used against him and to challenge that which he believes to be invalid. In addition, he is ensured the right to a vigorous defense and to seek an outcome that is in his personal best interests.

Source:, “Tenn. Rep. Mike Sparks’ son arrested for firing shotgun at beer truck“, Jessica Chamar, June 12, 2014

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