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Stabbing may have man reviewing criminal defense options

It is not unusual for an individual to carry out an action and then later regret that action. In some cases, the event that took place could have serious repercussions, and a person may end up needing a criminal defense due to facing charges. The allegations that could be leveled against a party for any given predicament can be serious.

One man in Tennessee recently had criminal charges brought against him after allegedly being involved in a stabbing. Reports stated that the man approached a woman at a bus stop and that he had an aggressive demeanor. The two individuals apparently spoke to one another, and the woman told the man to calm down. Instead, the man and woman reportedly got into an argument.

The man then allegedly stabbed the woman in the right breast. A bus driver pulled up to the scene and called authorities after noticing the woman bleeding. She was taken to an area hospital and received stitches, but she was not considered to be in critical condition. Authorities caught up with the man, and he purportedly stated that he stabbed the woman because she was gay. Now, he is facing criminal charges for attempted murder in the second degree.

Like most people, the man allegedly involved in this incident may not know what his rights and options are when it comes to creating and presenting a criminal defense. Fortunately, there are was in which he can become more knowledgeable on his available legal avenues and how they could apply to his case. Utilizing local Tennessee legal resources may help him in this and other aspects of his situation.

Source:, “Memphis man stabs woman at bus stop because he ‘doesn’t like gay people,’ police say“, March 10, 2018

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