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Steeper penalties for drunk driving in Tennessee

Recently, Tennessee lawmakers voted to increase the severity of penalties associated with DUI. The plan includes initiatives to increase the consequences for people who have been convicted of drunk driving six times or more. Interestingly, the new plan also intends to ease the penalties for people who are convicted of repeated drug possession.

According to the lawmaker who proposed the plan, the law will ensure that some people convicted of drunk driving will spend more time behind bars. Those who have previously been convicted of DUI could spend up to 15 years in prison. The proposed law has been passed by the Tennessee House, and it will be voted on by the Senate soon, meaning that any of these new measures are not yet in place.

As DUI penalties in the state could increase, it is more important than ever for drivers arrested for drunk driving to confront these charges with an effective defense. There is no guarantee that a lawyer can have the charges dropped, but an experienced legal ally may be able to help mitigate the possible consequences that could be brought by a conviction. Even first or second-time offenders could face serious penalties.

Unless convicted, a person accused of drunk driving is innocent in the eyes of the law. He or she has rights that must be acknowledged, including the right to legal counsel. A person will find it beneficial to begin building a defense strategy as soon as possible after arrest by contacting a lawyer for a case consultation. Drunk driving charges are serious and should not be faced without professional assistance.

Source: /, “Tennessee House Votes To Go Tougher On DUI, Easier On Drug Offenders“, Chas Sisk, March 31, 2016

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