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Stronger drunk driving laws in Tennessee in effect

Tennessee has recently passed stricter laws for drivers who are arrested for driving under the influence. These new drunk driving laws went into effect at the beginning of this month, and they will bring stricter penalties for those who are convicted. Repeat DUI offenders would be wise to take steps to protect their rights and interests in the event that they are charged with drunk driving.

These new laws will impact repeat offenders, now requiring a criminal background check to be done. Judges will now also order ignition interlock devices to be installed for people who are convicted of drunk driving. Those who have six or more DUI offenses will now face a Class C felony, upgraded from Class E. According to sentencing requirements, this will double the amount of time behind bars.

Stronger laws means more serious penalties for those who are convicted. It is critical for individuals who have previous DUI convictions to confront these charges with the appropriate defense strategy. A criminal history does not preclude a person from seeking lesser penalties and working to avoid future jail time and other consequences.

Defending against a drunk driving charge in Tennessee can be complex, but with the right help, a person may be able to mitigate some of the negative consequences of a conviction. It is critical to reach out for defense help as soon as possible after an arrest in order to understand what defense options may be most appropriate. Before accepting a plea deal or making other important decisions, it is recommended that a person seek a case evaluation with an experienced attorney.

Source:, “Laws strengthen penalties for drunk driving“, July 18, 2016

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