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Tennesse man accused of property damage in drunk driving charge

Many people have dreamed of breaking down barriers and making it big in Nashville. However, Tennessee one man has been arrested and charged with drunk driving after destroying two fences when he smashed through them with his vehicle. He may now have some unpleasant repercussions following his arrest and alleged confession.

The 23-year-old man allegedly drove his vehicle across multiple properties and destroyed the fencing that surrounded at least one home. One fence was constructed of the typical chain link construction. The other one, however, was a stout, six-foot fence constructed of iron. The man reportedly got out of his vehicle and attempted to conceal himself in some shrubbery.

Once police located the man, he reportedly acknowledged that he was the driver of the SUV. Officers have stated that they found chilled alcoholic beverages on the floor of the vehicle. The driver allegedly claimed that he had been drinking beer, and officers report that he did not do well on sobriety tests they conducted in the field. Moreover, once in custody, authorities claimed that he registered a blood alcohol level of .233 percent, almost triple the legal amount.

In addition to the drunk driving charge, he is charged with driving without proper licensing and not remaining at an accident scene involving damage to property. He was scheduled to have an initial court hearing at the end of May. While authorities claim that this Tennessee man has acknowledged responsibility for the destruction of the fences and driving impaired, he is still entitled to assess his case and challenge the evidence that prosecutors intend to use in support of the charges.

Source:, “Man drives through 2 fences, charged with DUI in east Nashville“, , May 27, 2014

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