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Tennessee assistant football coach facing drunk driving charge

Driving while under the influence of alcohol can have far-reaching consequences on a person’s life. In a recent Tennessee arrest, a man suspected of consuming too much alcohol and then getting behind the wheel of a car is facing a drunk driving charge and could potentially lose his job. It is the second time he has been in this situation, according to a newspaper report.

The man is an assistant football coach at Vanderbilt University. He was recently arrested after a car accident for which he was allegedly responsible. Police reports indicate that his blood alcohol level at the time was more than double what is allowed by law.

The man allegedly ran his vehicle into two parked cars. He then reportedly left the area on foot. When stopped by police a few blocks from where the accident occurred, the man allegedly admitted he had been drinking and caused the damage to the three vehicles.

Police reports indicate the man failed a sobriety test administered at the scene. They say they had to cancel the test requiring him to stand on one leg because he was allegedly unable to perform the action safely without falling. He was charged with driving under the influence and leaving the area after the accident occurred.

This is reportedly the second time the man has been charged with driving while drunk. The first occurred while he played football for UCLA, according to court records. In this incident, the man allegedly caused an accident in which he and a teammate were injured. He was later suspended from the football team.

The man’s appointment to the Vanderbilt football staff was announced earlier this year. His suspension was announced recently in a statement released by the university. Officials say they will continue to investigate the situation but did not indicate the length of time the suspension is expected to last or if it will ultimately result in the man’s termination from the coaching staff.

Regardless of his past history, the man is entitled to the presumption of innocence concerning this drunk driving charge. His guilt cannot be automatically assumed, no matter what the police report says. He would be well-advised to have a thorough understanding of his options and what the consequences of each might entail as he prepares to enter a Tennessee courtroom.

Source: The Tennessean, Suspended Vanderbilt football assistant has previous DUI conviction, Jeff Lockridge, Feb. 18, 2014

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