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Tennessee city official steps down after drunk driving charge

The residents of a town elect those who they believe would best fill the positions for which they have chosen to run. However, the ones who have been elected are human beings with human failings. Now, one Tennessee official has chosen to step down from public office after having been arrested on a drunk driving charge.

The man held a position as alderman for his Tennessee community. He was purportedly arrested on allegations that he was operating a vehicle while intoxicated. Reportedly, this is the man’s second charge in just slightly over a year’s time. He announced his decision to resign his seat a few days after the July 4th incident.

The report did not contain any further details regarding this incident. Likewise, the alderman himself has not made any public statements beyond his intention to step down for personal and family-related reasons. He did include a statement expressing the pleasure he had gained by serving his fellow Kingsport citizens.

This man is ensured the right to be presumed innocent in this matter. He is further entitled to review the case that the Tennessee prosecutor’s office may present against him in connection to the alleged drunk driving charges. Moreover, he may challenge any evidence that may be used against him and seek to have any questionable or invalid test results or other similar evidence thrown out. He may also educate himself concerning what the charges against him involve while also working to launch a vigorous defense and clear his name of wrongdoing.

Source:, “Kingsport alderman resigns after DUI arrest“, , July 8, 2014

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