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Tennessee doctor facing allegations of white collar crimes

Federal charges stem from suspected serious crimes and can lead to severe consequences if a person is convicted of such charges. Commonly, allegations of white collar crimes — often involving fraudulent activity — lead to federal charges. If a person is accused of some type of fraud, he or she will likely benefit from preparing for the case ahead.

One man in Tennessee is currently facing federal charges for health care fraud, opioid distribution and money laundering. According to reports, the man owned and operated a medical practice where he allegedly prescribed opioid medication without fully reviewing the patients’ needs or medical history. From July 1 to Aug. 21 of this year, the doctor is accused of writing nearly 2,500 prescriptions for substances that fall into the category of Schedule II controlled substances.

The doctor is also accused of having prescribed a patient “The Holy Trinity,” which is a combination of prescription medications that can prove fatal when ingested together. The patient prescribed these medications died as a result. The doctor reportedly did not perform an examination before prescribing the pills. The doctor also allegedly defrauded health insurance providers by claiming to have provided a higher level of service than what he actually provided. Due to these and other alleged actions, the man is currently facing 22 counts of unlawful distribution of a controlled substance, nine counts of money laundering and 13 counts of health care fraud.

Allegations of white collar crimes are complicated matters to address. This Tennessee man will certainly want to approach his case in the most fitting manner possible for his specific predicament. Due to the number of allegations and the complex nature of his case, he may find it useful to utilize local legal resources experienced in handling federal criminal proceedings for information.

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