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Tennessee driver faces drunk driving charges

Getting arrested on charges of driving under the influence, or DUI, can cause embarrassment and anxiety. An accused individual may worry about the consequences of being convicted, and he or she also might worry about his or her reputation in the community. One man in Tennessee is currently facing this situation after recently being arrested on drunk driving charges.

The man directed a program known as Youth Town, a boys’ treatment facility. Police say they saw the man driving erratically on a recent evening. He was driving on the Interstate, and his vehicle was stopped by police. He ended up being charged with DUI based on probable cause.

The man was taken to jail and faces three other charges, including not having a driver’s license on him, violating a lane rule and violating implied consent legislation. This was the man’s first time charged with a DUI offense. He was placed on administrative leave from his job for an indefinite period of time. The organization he helps to lead provides counseling and a program for recovery from addictions.

A person who is accused of drunk driving can end up losing his or her car and license. If the person is convicted of a DUI, punishment can come in the form of fines and even incarceration. Having a DUI on one’s Tennessee criminal record can affect the person’s ability to get jobs in the future and negatively impact other areas of life. Nevertheless, an accusation of criminal conduct is a far cry from a conviction, and the government must prove its case by evidence that meets exacting standards before any finding of guilt is possible.

Source:, “Youth Town employee is charged with DUI“, Nick McFerron, April 29, 2014

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