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Tennessee driver with prior drunk driving conviction arrested

Weddings are joyful occasions to celebrate with family, friends, food and drink. While that is not a problem for many, one Tennessee woman with a prior drunk driving conviction was recently arrested after attending a wedding and charged with that same offense once again. This time, however, she has been additionally charged with placing minors in danger.

The Dyersburg incident occurred on a recent Sunday evening. According to the official report, the woman purportedly drove past an officer in his cruiser. The policeman claimed that the driver had a surprised expression as she went past his vehicle. The woman is alleged to have started slowing her vehicle down before proceeding to change her direction. She then apparently turned into a parking area behind a business where she remained for a time before continuing on her way.

The driver then headed toward a highway bypass. Once she gained entry onto that roadway, the officer pulled her over. He stated that the woman presented herself with slightly garbled speech and reddened eyes due to which he then administered various field sobriety checks. The officer reported that the driver could not complete them successfully. At that time, he placed her under arrest, and another responsible adult was called to transport the two children who had been passengers in the woman’s car.

According to the arresting officer, the woman had a previous record of a drunk driving conviction nine years earlier. She is now being charged with driving under the influence and endangering minors — because she had two children in her car — and for refusing any testing for the alcohol level in her blood, which is a chargeable offense in Tennessee. She was released on bail and awaits further court proceedings in this matter. She has pleaded not guilty and is ensured the right to a presumption of innocence. In the meantime, she may seek any information that will enable her to maintain her innocence while fighting to resolve the charges that have been filed against her.

Source:, “Woman charged with child endangerment after DUI arrest“, , May 21, 2014

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