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Tennessee firefighter arrested for drunk driving

A Tennessee fire fighter has been arrested for DUI over the weekend. He was also placed on administrative leave by authorities after his arrest. He was pulled over for suspected drunk driving because he was crossing lanes, but his vehicle also had expired plates. According to the report of the traffic stop, the officer smelled alcohol in the vehicle. The driver submitted to sobriety tests, which reportedly confirmed the suspicion of drunk driving.

The man was officially charged with expired registration, driving under the influence and implied consent. His superiors have stated that he was suspended until they receive a report that confirms his arrest. Upon receipt of the police report, the fire fighter will be placed on leave without pay, illustrating the impact that a drunk driving arrest can have on one’s career and job opportunities.

A drunk driving arrest can have far-reaching impacts on a person’s life. From revoked driving privileges to being suspended from work, a person should act quickly to protect his or her interests as soon as possible after a drunk driving arrest. There may have been problems with the sobriety tests or other issues may exist with the prosecution’s case, and a lawyer can take the appropriate steps to seek a beneficial outcome.

A drunk driving arrest can result in serious consequences, but an individual has the right to a defense. Until convicted, this fire fighter is presumed innocent, and he should move to protect his rights granted by law as should any other Tennessee driver facing DUI charges. With the right legal help, a person can present a strong drunk driving defense.

Source:, “Chattanooga firefighter arrested for DUI –“, Callie Starnes, Jan. 4, 2016

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