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Tennessee football player arrested for drunk driving

Charles Mosely, a freshman Tennessee football player, was recently arrested for drunk driving. He was charged with a DUI after police pulled him over for driving too fast in a 55 mph zone. According to the report, the smell of marijuana was present in his vehicle, but he denied smoking the substance himself. A DUI charge can encompass both drunk driving or drugged driving.

Tennessee law enforcement said that there was marijuana residue present in his vehicle. The lineman told police that he had been around people who were smoking, but that he was not high. However, he was asked to submit to a field sobriety test. Allegedly, he performed poorly.

The football coaches and athletic staff at the university are aware of the arrest and are looking into the situation as well. A drunk driving arrest can result in many non-legal consequences, including loss of athletic privileges and academic scholarships. It is particularly important that young people facing a DUI respond appropriately, as a strong defense is often a key component to protecting one’s future and reputation.

Mr. Mosely has not yet been convicted of drunk driving and remains innocent in the eyes of the law unless and until that occurs. Nevertheless, he has likely taken steps to secure the help of a criminal defense lawyer. A legal ally can develop an appropriate defense strategy and seek to minimize the potential consequences of a DUI. In some circumstances, it may be possible to have the charges reduced or dropped. Any person facing a criminal charge would be wise to protect his or her rights by seeking legal assistance as soon as possible after an arrest.

Source:, “Tennessee lineman Charles Mosley arrested on DUI charge“, July 23, 2015

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