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Tennessee man accused of drunk driving with a child

Instances of criminal activity could come about in many ways. Some individuals may have a personal problem that leads them to make questionable decisions, and as a result, they could end up facing criminal charges. This type of scenario is not uncommon for individuals with alcohol abuse problems who end up with allegations of drunk driving brought against them.

One man in Tennessee may have such a problem that could have contributed to his recent arrest. Reports stated that the man was allegedly driving a motorcycle with his 12-year-old daughter riding as a passenger. The motorcycle was reportedly traveling at an excessive speed when it collided with the rear of a van. The collision then caused the motorcycle to strike a metal pole.

The man and his daughter were both thrown from the motorcycle, but information on any injuries was not given in the report. Authorities indicated that the man had an odor of alcohol about him and that he already had three DUI convictions on his record. As a result of the situation, he was taken into custody on a charge of 4th/5th DUI with a child and driving on a revoked license.

Though this Tennessee man has apparently faced drunk driving allegations before, he may wish to consider his current predicament in a new light. The consequences for this current case could be more severe if a conviction takes place due to his previous convictions. He may find it useful to understand the differences in his current charges to those in the past and the options available for defending against these allegations.

Source:, “Tennessee dad charged with 4th DUI with child after motorcycle crash“, May 3, 2018

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