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Tennessee man arrested for drunk driving accused of making threat

Alcohol consumption can cause people to do and say things that they would not normally even consider. Unfortunately, the stress of a drunk driving arrest may cause the accused to make statements with no intention of following through. Recently, a Tennessee officer reported that a man whom he arrested made threatening remarks towards him.

The charges were brought against the 24-year-old man after the officer reportedly came upon him standing outside of his parked vehicle at a gas station. According to the officer, the car had a severely damaged windshield, and the man’s clothing was soiled with vomit. He was also allegedly incapable of speaking clearly or standing without losing his balance. Police the man rammed his vehicle into a sign along the highway.

They claim that he made statements alluding to his desire to join a terrorist organization and take revenge on the policeman at a later date. Allegedly, the man made similar statements at the local police station. He was charged with driving under the influence, driving without the required license and assault.

It was not reported whether the man submitted to a Breathalyzer or blood test, nor were there specific details offered to support the assault charge. Tennessee laws will protect this man’s right to the presumption of innocence on the drunk driving charges and other criminal accusations. This man, alongside his defense counsel, will likely review the specifics of the case in order to determine how to best defend against the charges. It appears that the assault charges are based upon the man’s alleged threats to join ISIS and harm the officer; however, the basic definition of criminal assault contains not just the threat of bodily harm but also the imminent ability to carry out the threat. Due to the fact that the officer apparently noted the man was barely able to stand on his own, the assault accusations may be subject to challenge in upcoming court proceedings.

Source: USA Today, “DUI suspect says he’ll join ISIS and kill officer“, Andy Humbles, Sept. 18, 2014

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