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Tennessee man charged with 4th drunk driving offense and evading

While there may have been an increase in the number of drivers pulled over on suspicion of intoxicated driving over the recent holidays, the truth is that law enforcement officers pull drivers over for these alleged offenses any time of the year. What matters more is how a drunk driving charge can impact one’s life. One Tennessee driver is now purportedly facing these charges for the fourth time.

According to the police report, they received a complaint about a driver who was supposedly operating his vehicle in an erratic manner. The driver was apparently veering off of the travel lanes repeatedly before striking a light pole. An officer then was called to intervene along the driver’s route.

The officer claimed to have caught up with the driver’s truck and then turned on his emergency lights. The driver then allegedly sped up in an alleged effort to avoid law enforcement. The man then drove into the parking area of a residential complex where he collided with a parked vehicle. The driver then brought his truck to a halt.

Tennessee officials have charged the man with drunk driving and attempting to evade arrest. The man was transported to a nearby medical facility where a test for blood alcohol levels was conducted, after which he was taken into custody. This man has now been charged with his fourth DUI, and if the state were to gain a conviction on this charge, he could face serious consequences, not limited to heavy fines, jail time and a lengthy revocation of his driver’s license. He and his defense counsel may seek to ensure that the driver’s rights were not violated and that the police followed all procedures during this driver’s traffic stop and arrest. In light of the possible consequences, the man may also consider any options that the prosecutor’s office may extend in an attempt to resolve this situation in his best interest.

Source:, “PARIS TN: Man charged with evasion during DUI arrest“, Glenn Tanner, Dec. 17 2014

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