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Tennessee man charged with vehicular homicide after accident

A Tennessee man was recently arrested after an accident claimed the life of an elderly woman. According to accident reports, the driver originally left the scene of the accident, but law enforcement was able to locate the man. Police claim that he admitted to recently consuming alcohol, and he was arrested for drunk driving and charged with vehicular homicide and other charges.

It is believed that the driver was traveling on Sawyer Brown Road in Nashville when he lost control of his vehicle. He hit a pole, crossed several lanes of traffic and eventually crashed into a condo. The car hit the home with so much force that it almost went into a second condo. When they arrived at the scene, police located the driver based on the vehicle registration.

The man is said to have admitted ingesting some alcohol, but he denied having any involvement in an accident. Police believed he smelled like alcohol, and he refused to submit to any sobriety tests. The man, who was convicted of DUI last year, was officially charged with reckless endangerment, vehicular homicide, vehicular assault, failure to lend aid and leaving the scene of the accident.

Vehicular homicide charges can bring serious penalties upon conviction, including a lengthy prison term. It is critical to act quickly after a drunk driving arrest in order to protect one’s rights and begin to develop a defense strategy as soon as possible. In many cases, it may be possible to seek lesser charges or mitigate some of the potential consequences of a conviction. It is wise to seek a case evaluation with a Tennessee DUI defense attorney as soon as possible after an arrest.

Source:, “Woman killed when suspected drunk driver slams into Bellevue home; Man charged“, Aug. 1, 2016

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