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Tennessee man facing drug charges after allegedly buying heroin

A person’s life could quickly take a turn that he or she was not expecting. In some cases, a difficult situation could result in an individual making questionable decisions that may have considerable impacts on his or her future. It is not unusual for parties who have hit low points in their lives to act in ways that could lead to their facing drug charges.

It was recently reported that one man in Tennessee is currently facing such charges. Apparently, the man participated in a drug transaction in which he purportedly bought heroin. A police officer reportedly witnessed the exchange, and the man’s vehicle was later stopped. Undercover law enforcement allegedly searched the vehicle.

The search reportedly resulted in officers finding heroin and drug paraphernalia. As a result, he was taken into custody on a charge of possession of heroin. It was noted that the man is an EMT, and he was placed on administrative leave after the arrest. He apparently violated a code of conduct associated with his employment, which prohibits the possession of illegal substances.

Whatever events may have led up to the predicament in which the man now finds himself, he may want to focus on the future. In order to address the drug charges, he may find it helpful to understand what strategies could allow him to build a meaningful defense. The specific circumstances of the arrest and other pertinent information could also play into how the Tennessee man chooses to address his case moving forward.

Source:, “Off-duty Nashville EMT faces drug charges“, Andy Cordan, March 27, 2018

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