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Tennessee man facing drunk driving charges after traffic stop

A Tennessee man finds himself in legal trouble after a traffic stop led to an eventual arrest for suspected drunk driving. The man was initially stopped by a Tennessee Highway Patrol officer for speeding, but it was discovered that there was a baby in the car as well. The driver was charged with drunk driving and reckless endangerment.

The state trooper says that he clocked the man’s vehicle going 101 mph. At the time of the traffic stop, the driver allegedly displayed signs of possible intoxication, including red and glassy eyes. According to the report, the man failed the three sobriety tests that he was asked to perform. It is also noted that the small child was not property restrained in the car seat.

The Tennessee law enforcement officer informed the driver of the implied consent law, after which the driver agreed to submit to a chemical test to determine blood alcohol content. The results of the test are not known at this time, but the defendant did admit to smoking marijuana two days before the traffic stop. As he has not yet been convicted of any charges, it could be beneficial for this individual to seek legal counsel regarding a defense.

Those facing drunk driving charges are innocent unless it is proved otherwise. The burden of proof lies with the prosecution, but defendants do have the right to challenge any of the evidence that is brought against them. Depending on the circumstances of the individual situation, a lawyer may be able to help an individual mitigate some of the consequences of a drunk driving arrest or conviction.

Source:, “Man with baby arrested for DUI, endangerment on I-40“, Tracey Hackett, Oct. 27, 2015

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