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Tennessee man facing multiple drug charges after search of home

Police officers may have many reasons for suspecting someone of suspicious activity. When individuals do fall under suspicion, they could become the subject of investigations and potentially have charges brought against them. This type of situation happens frequently when law enforcement suspect drug-related activity, and parties may need information on how to handle drug charges.

One man in Tennessee may be hoping to become more knowledgeable on charges that were recently brought against him. It was reported that police had multiple arrest warrants for the man and were purportedly acting on those warrants when they went to his residence. The officers conducted a search of the house and apparently came across various items that led to the man being charged.

Inside a locked closet, officers allegedly found methamphetamine, prescription pills and marijuana. They also purportedly found various drug paraphernalia, including syringes and smoking pipes. In addition to these items, multiple weapons were apparently also found. As a result, the man is currently facing several drug-related charges such as possession of various classifications of drug with intent to deliver or sell as well as other allegations.

Drug charges and other allegations may seem confusing when individuals lack proper information. Due to this confusion, parties may not know the best ways to defend against criminal accusations. Fortunately, people in Tennessee do not have to deal with such predicaments alone, and legal assistance is available to interested parties. Speaking with knowledgeable attorneys could help those concerned with their situations better understand how to potentially move forward with a criminal defense.

Source:, “Man Arrested On Warrants Alleging Drug Sales“, Ken Little, Oct. 30, 2017

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