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Tennessee man facing vehicular homicide charge in hit-and-run

It is strange to think that a car can be a deadly weapon. However, even when someone doesn’t mean to cause harm, a car or sport-utility vehicle can cause serious, or even fatal, injuries. A Tennessee man who was recently charged with vehicular homicide is getting first-hand experience in how that can happen.

The accident happened about seven months ago. The man was allegedly driving his SUV when he collided with a motorcycle. He then reportedly drove away without stopping to determine if assistance was needed. The man riding the motorcycle suffered serious injuries and later died, according to reports.

The man believed to be responsible for causing the fatal accident was arrested at his Tennessee home, according to investigators. He is charged with vehicular homicide, a felony. He is also charged with fleeing the area without stopping to determine if assistance was needed.

The victim’s parents say they want to understand what happened to their son. They say they don’t know why the man accused in his death didn’t stop to help. They claim the past few months have been difficult as they adjust to life without their son.

Although he may be sympathetic to their pain, the man accused of the vehicular homicide of their son is not automatically guilty simply because charges have been filed against him. He has the right to an unbiased examination of the evidence in a Tennessee court of law. A thorough understanding of all the legal options available to him could be invaluable during what is likely to be a difficult time.

Source:, Arrest Made In Fatal Shelbyville Hit-And-Run Crash, Jason Lamb, March 19, 2014

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