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Tennessee man in jail on drunk driving conviction seeks parole

A man who had a few drinks on his way home from work in 2009 is requesting parole to be released from prison. On a Friday after work, the man crashed his pickup truck, resulting in a tragic accident that killed a motorcyclist. He was sentenced to jail for a drunk driving conviction. Now, several years later, he is trying to get released on parole.

The Tennessee man, who is currently serving a 22-year prison sentence, claims that he had a deep addiction to alcohol at the time and he made bad decisions. The man confesses that it was his own decision to drink and drive home and now he is living with the consequences. Prior to the crash that killed the motorcyclist, the man was convicted of DUI on two separate occasions.

At this time, the man has spent over four years in jail and is applying to be released on parole. In the parole hearing he expressed his extreme regret and how sorry he was to the family members of the individual who died. He also vowed to share his story with others to change their lives for the better.

A Tennessee drunk driving conviction can vary in severity based on the circumstances surrounding that conviction. For example, if an individual was arrested after being involved in a deadly accident, the potential consequences of a drunk driving conviction could involve a lengthy jail sentence as in this case. It must be realized that even when a drunk driving conviction takes place, legal strategies can sometimes be employed to reduce the sentence or get a person who is in jail released early on parole.

Source:, Quest for parole in deadly DUI case gets one ‘no’ vote so far, No author, Oct. 8, 2013

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