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Tennessee man is facing a repeat DUI after recent traffic stop

It’s easy to assume that an individual is guilty of a crime of which he or she was previously convicted. However, many people can turn their lives around after a conviction and even multiple convictions. Some people may get charged with a DUI after having a single drink, which they did not believe caused impairment. This may be the case for a Tennessee man who was recently pulled over and is now facing a repeat DUI charge.

The 44-year-old man was reportedly pulled over on a recent Sunday morning. Police say that they noticed he was unable to stand up straight when he removed himself from his vehicle. Authorities are also alleging that the man’s eyes were bloodshot and glossed over. The police report also cites that the suspect supposedly admitted to consuming alcohol beverages previously.

A field sobriety test was given, which the man allegedly failed. At this time, the police checked the man’s previous driving history and found that he had four previous DUI convictions. He was also allegedly driving without a valid Tennessee license.

Although the man has had four prior convictions, this is not a reason to suspect that he is guilty of his most recent DUI charge. After all, everyone here in Tennessee is entitled to be considered innocent until — and only if — proved guilty by prosecuting attorneys. This man, and all those who find themselves in a similar situation, will want to mount a vigorous defense in order to hopefully avoid a repeat DUI conviction. In some cases, it may be possible to agree to a plea deal that contains a lesser charge and requires the completion of a mandatory alcohol rehabilitation program. Ultimately, the most important thing when one is facing a DUI charge — whether it is the first or fifth — is to make sure that one’s rights are fully protected in and out of the courtroom.

Source:, “DUI Number 5 in Murfreesboro“, Dec. 29, 2014

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