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Tennessee man’s criminal defense may impact case outcomes

Going through the legal proceedings associated with criminal law can be an extensive and exhausting experience. Unfortunately, many individuals find themselves in predicaments in which they have been accused of crimes. These accusations can have serious effects on people’s lives, and many outcomes may hinge on the effectiveness of chosen criminal defense strategies.

One man in Tennessee may be looking into his potential methods for creating his defense after recently being taken into custody. Reports stated that the man is accused of involvement in a fatal hit-and-run accident that took place last year. Apparently, a bicyclist had been hit from behind by a vehicle, and the driver of the vehicle did not remain on the scene. The bicyclist was treated for injuries, but those injuries proved fatal.

It was unclear what may have caused police to suspect that the man was the driver involved in the incident, but nonetheless, he was taken into custody. He was recently charged with vehicular homicide by recklessness, DUI, leaving the scene of an accident and other allegations. It was not mentioned whether the man had obtained legal representation at the time of the report.

This Tennessee man will certainly want to ensure that he understands his criminal defense options in order to address his case. Gaining information from reliable local legal resources could help him with this endeavor, and he may feel more confident in his legal choices as his case moves forward. A meaningful defense could have a substantial impact on the outcomes of his situation and allow him to work toward the results he hopes to achieve.

Source:, “Suspect arrested in fatal hit-and-run“, Mike Christen, Sept. 12, 2017

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