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Tennessee passes laws adding new drunk driving penalties

In Tennessee, drunk driving laws are quite strict, and those facing charges could find themselves dealing with serious consequences. New measures passed by lawmakers will bring new penalties for those who have been convicted of drunk driving. Almost identical to laws passed in another state, second-time DUI offenders will now be required to have ignition interlock devices installed.

An ignition interlock device is installed in a vehicle to prevent a driver from driving a vehicle after drinking. In Tennessee, the new measures would require the installation of ignition interlock devices in the vehicles of all second-time offenders. This would be required regardless of the criminal record of the offender. The judge will have full access to a person’s DUI history of arrests and convictions, no matter the nature of the drunk driving charge.

Lawmakers in Tennessee hope that stricter consequences for those convicted of drunk driving will limit the number of accidents and injuries caused by drunk driving. Despite these new measures, those arrested for DUI have rights, including the right to confront any of the evidence brought against them by the prosecution. In order to protect these rights, it is important for a defendant to seek legal counsel after an arrest.

With these changes, even first-time offenders could face consequences that include jail time, loss of drivers’ licenses and more. Thankfully, taking the proper steps following an arrest can ensure the protection of one’s rights. While tougher drunk driving laws will make consequences more severe for those convicted in Tennessee, it remains possible to effectively confront these charges with the right legal assistance.

Source:, “TN, MS pass mandatory ignition locks, better reporting on DUI“, Andy Wise, March 2, 2016

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