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Tennessee police charge Jaguar driver with drunk driving

Getting pulled over for a minor traffic violation is not a big deal in the grand scheme of life. However, being charged with drunk driving — along with other alleged offenses — can have a far-reaching negative impact on one’s life, especially if the state were to gain a conviction. One Tennessee driver was recently arrested on multiple charges.

Police reported responding to a multiple-vehicle accident on a local road. Tennessee Highway Patrol stated that a driver of a Jaguar was allegedly following a Jeep in the eastbound lane. Purportedly, the Jaguar driver then made contact with the rear of the lead vehicle. That contact caused that driver to lose control, and the Jeep crossed over the dividing area between the east and westbound lanes.

The Jeep then overturned onto the opposing travel lane. It was then struck by another vehicle. The driver of the overturned Jeep was injured in the collision and required transportation to the nearest hospital. The first driver was subsequently arrested and charged in connection with the wreck.

In addition to the drunk driving allegation, the police stated that the driver was driving without a current license, showed failure to exercise due diligence to avoid an accident and was not using a restraining belt. However, the Tennessee officers made no mention of supporting evidence such as a breath test or blood alcohol testing to validate the drunk driving charge. Furthermore, the driver is entitled to challenge the allegations made by the arresting officers, and he or she may present a strong defense in order to obtain the most favorable outcome possible in the current circumstances.

Source:, “THP: Driver charged with DUI after causing 840 wreck“, Aldo Amato, Dec. 9, 2014

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