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Tennessee pursuing unique approach to drunk driving

Because of the public service campaigns that have have filled the airways, most people are aware of the potential consequences of drinking and driving. Likely because of this awareness, it may be assumed that people driving at a certain time of night or under certain circumstances are under the influence of alcohol. Such assumptions could lead to charges related to drunk driving. Now, Tennessee politicians want to create additional requirements for repeat DUI offenders.

The bill has just been passed by a sub-committee in the Tennessee Senate. It was created out of concern about the number of repeat drunk driving offenders. One politician, for example, claims that approximately 750 people in Tennessee were accused of driving under the influence for the third time last year. This year, he claims, 900 people are expected to face similar accusations.

The politician behind the bill claims that those who are facing a third DUI charge likely have a serious addiction to alcohol. The bill, however, would prevent such offenders from buying alcohol. Those convicted of a third DUI offense would have a special mark on their license to indicate that they are not allowed to make such purchases. Reports indicate that the bill is receiving support from both parties.

No one is denying the seriousness of drunk driving. However, those facing such charges in Tennessee and across the county have several rights afforded to them. An experienced attorney can help ensure that those rights are upheld. Additionally, an attorney can examine all of the angles of a case and help an accused person make an informed decision regarding their best course of action.

Source:, “Senate sub-committee passes alcohol ban for repeat DUI offenders“, Claire Dodson, March 13, 2015

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